"Mr. Wright.  I’m certain I’ll be of use!"
Here’s our first look at Ryuunosuke’s assistant, Mikotoba Susato! As we mentioned in the last post, she’s a judicial assistant; according to Takumi, she also loves foreign mystery novels and is a forward-thinking dreamer.


"Mr. Wright.  I’m certain I’ll be of use!"

Here’s our first look at Ryuunosuke’s assistant, Mikotoba Susato! As we mentioned in the last post, she’s a judicial assistant; according to Takumi, she also loves foreign mystery novels and is a forward-thinking dreamer.

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Y’know, the school hasn’t officially told me anything yet, but considering that my master’s degree is noted as an ‘active program’, it’s kinda gettin’ my hopes up…


Oh, I can relate so much. But then Milla makes up for all those mistakes for me :’D Out of curiosity can I ask what you didn’t like?

So I first said I was only gonna list the basics because I’m gonna make a more detailed post once it’s out in English but it’s turned pretty long anyway XD

Still gonna remake such a post in the future, but this should sum it up well for now.

WARNING: negative, sometimes snarky opinions about Xillia 2 below

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Gig, you are my favorite awful person.


It’ really gross xD I mean I have a “Mass Effect” choice system as an example, which while not perfect, spanned across three games, affected the story, affected who lived or died, and sometimes the fate of whole galactic communities, and now this…

Nope, you’re still doing it wrong, Namco. Sometimes I feel they just give up on writing and randomly put things together, like a choice system into a game where it’s not needed and doesn’t fit instead of having choices in other games where it begs to be a choice (Tales of the Abyss, I am always looking at you) and a silent protagonist which cannot fulfill his role because the choice systems is screwed and unneeded to begin with, so in the end he’s just an annoying character altogether. 

I also feel like having Ludger the most hated guy in the party just because… I am so tired of “special for nothing involuntary hero best friend to all the party main character” it isn’t even funny…

Here’s the thing though, I think that the choice system could have been used to great effect…if it actually impacted anything.

After all, Ludger is in a unique position in that he’s the only character that had no direct hand in the original game and he’s the only member who has lived his entire life in Elympios. To say that Elympion’s opinions on Rieze Maxians are less than cordial is a bit of an understatement, although truthfully the same can be said of Rieze Maxians, but with our main party being who they are, that really doesn’t apply to this discussion.

So imagine how interesting the choice system (and by extension Ludger) could have been if you were allowed to play into this notion. You could choose to be a Rieze Maxian sympathizer or not. If you chose to be a sympathizer, not much would be changed from the game as it is now. However, if you played Ludger as someone who was actually interested in the Other World Reactor Plan (I mean, after all, he was and is a grown man so there’s no way he was ignorant of what was going on) or who was still interested in it, the story would change dramatically. If we were given options that reflected this notion, you could have had at least two very different storylines (the only reason I’m limiting myself to two here is that within the game you’re only ever given two options, but really you could make more depending on how deep you make Ludger’s hatred or distrust run).

Of course, this whole discussion is running on the assumption that this game is about Rieze Maxia and Elympios, which it’s not. Oh no, we’re just going to go hang out in the alt worlds with Ludger’s super special Lobster Powers and completely ignore this great setting and conflict that could be riled up in favor of going “Nah, Rieze Maxia and Elympios are totes cool with one another. NBD.”

(Also, TOA with a choice system sounds amazing. It needs to be a thing.)

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Yeah no it doesn’t :/ Only very specific parts of the game would change the endings but nothing that really alters the game’s story. LIES
what a lie!

You are both perfectly correct.
(SUPER Lobster Dad ending spoilers below the cut. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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Scrolling through the English release info for TOX2, and…

  • The power of Choice - Decide how Ludger reacts to situations throughout the game changing the upcoming events and affecting his relationships with his companions, ultimately altering the course of the story.

Pfffft, hahahahahahanoitdoesn’t.

New Ace Attorney Game Unveiled in the Latest Famitsu Issue: Set in the Meiji Period.


From DualShockers:

If you’re eagerly waiting for a new Ace Attorney game, the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu has something juicy for you, as outed by Twitter user Rokko, that managed to grab an early copy.

The new game will be titled Dai Gyakuten Saiban (Big Turnabout Trial) and will be set in the Meiji era, right in the middle of the power struggle in Japan between the Shogunate and the forces loyal to the Emperor seeking to bring innovation and change in the country.

The game will also be a 3DS exclusive, which is fully unsurprising.

One thing is for sure: I really want to see how Capcom will manage to westernize this one when localizing it for the west, if it’ll be localized at all, that is.

[Yes, this is real.]

Ah ha ha ha ha.

That moment when the thing you’re writing for class is only supposed to be a page long.

And of course, the image you chose is a page from an Alvin/Leia doujin, so there’s no way it’s going to fit within that restriction.

So you have to start cutting stuff to try and fit it into 2 pages and just hope and pray that your professor is okay with it being 2 pages.