Just some pictures (and one comic) from the first Tales of Xillia Comic Anthology. I’m sorry that the quality is sub-par, but I only have a camera to work with and these pieces of artwork are wonderful and I wanted to share with you! If anyone is better at reading kanji than me, let me know so that I can give credit where credit’s due to the artists.

Oh also, here’s my rough (rough rough rough) translation of the comic:

Panel 1

Milla: Elize, are you tried?

Jude: Are you hungry? Should we take a break for a little bit?

Panel 2

Elize: Somehow, Jude and Milla seem like a mother and father!

Panel 3:

Milla: (laughs) I wouldn’t mind if you called me that.

Elize: Really!?

Panel 4:

Elize: Father!

Jude: …Huh!?

Poor Jude. Even Elize has caught onto the fact that Milla is more manly than you are.